Get to Know Geese

Personality, Basic Care and Breeds

Get to Know Geese
Add to Favorites By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Maine — If you are a backyard farmer considering poultry but think that geese are disruptive and overly aggressive, think again. While it is true that geese can be protective of their home, they make up for this by being remarkably good friends to those who are willing to invest time in raising them. You’ll find these animals offer a number of helpful benefits to your farming life. It is surprising how smart and entertaining these farm fowl are. Their intelligence goes beyond knowing which way is south in the winter (which most domesticated breeds do not care about), geese have a complex social understanding and the ability to learn by observing. Studies have indicated that a goose can recognize a person even after many years apart and can differentiate humans they trust from other people. If you are worried about potential conflict, you can

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