5 Things to Know about Domestic Goose Breeds

Geese for Sale? What to Know Before Bringing Them to The Farm.

5 Things to Know about Domestic Goose Breeds
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no surprise that domestic goose breeds are gaining popularity with farmers and homesteaders. Geese are incredibly versatile animals and contribute in many ways to the homestead. They offer companionship, guardian services, they weed lawns and pastures, provide eggs, meat, and down feathers. But just like any other critter a farmer might choose to add to their portfolio, keeping geese on the farm is different from keeping other backyard poultry. They are not similar to chickens and differ in many ways from ducks. Here are five items to consider when evaluating whether a goose is a good fit for your farmstead.  Why are my Chickens Losing Feathers?Our experts answer all of your chicken feed and health questions in this FREE Poultry Feed and Health Guide. Get your copy today!YES! Please sign me up! Geese are Grazing Vegetarians  Diet is one facet to consider when looking at the

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