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The Egg: A Perfect Canvas for Carving
March 3, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

Fragile and yet strong, the versatile egg has been the inspiration for many artists throughout history. Eggs of all sizes have been painted, dyed, bejeweled, waxed, etched, and carved into exquisite treasures worthy of being displayed in museums and palaces.

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Water Glassing Eggs for Long-Term Storage
February 27, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

Are you looking for a method for preserving eggs in their whole raw form? If so, water glassing eggs is the most efficient long-term method available.

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Shirred Eggs
February 26, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

It was a question that jolted me back to my culinary past. Had I ever made shirred eggs? Yes, but back a decade or so ago.

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Brunch Egg Casserole
February 26, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

Without even looking at the calendar, I can tell it’s spring here on my little patch of heaven. The redbud and dogwood trees are in flower in soft shades of pink and white.

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A Guide to Different Colored Chicken Eggs
February 25, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat, Kids' Corner

Imagine the excitement of peering into your nesting boxes and finding a rainbow of different colored eggs every day. There are more than 60 breeds of chickens recognized by the American Poultry Association and hundreds of other chicken breeds that have been developed worldwide.

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茶叶蛋 Marbled Tea Eggs
February 21, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

Steeped in a flavorful marinade of soy sauce, star anise, spices, and tea, tea eggs (cha ye dan, 茶叶蛋) resemble beautifully carved marble orbs with delicate veins of color crisscrossing the surface. A platter of eggs looks more like art than something to eat.

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Chickens in Chinese Medicine
February 20, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

Silkies have been venerated in Chinese traditional medicine for more than 1,000 years. Scientific researchers are looking for a basis for their nutritional value.

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Red Egg and Ginger Party 紅雞蛋
February 12, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

A newborn baby is truly a bundle of joy! In China, proud parents go the extra mile by hosting a jubilant red egg and ginger party when the baby is a month old.

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Small is the Next Big Thing
February 10, 2021 · · Eggs & Meat

The coronavirus pandemic showed how important small flocks are to production as well as breed conservation. Small flocks, like vegetable gardens, give their keepers a measure of self-sufficiency. You’ll always have eggs!

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Meet the Top 15 Best Brown Egg Layers
December 31, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

Add to Favorites Brown egg laying hens consistently appear on best egg layer lists and can be the backbone of a productive backyard flock, many laying more than 200 eggs …

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