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We love when guest writers stop by to share their knowledge and love of raising poultry. Take a minute to learn something new from an experienced poultry keeper!
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A Look at Chicken Eyes

Some of the first signs that a chicken isn’t feeling well are a dull or sleepy expression and squinty eyes. Discoloration, discharge, inflammation, and discomfort often characterize chicken eye maladies.

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Aspergillosis in Chickens and Other Fungal Infections

Feather loss, red skin, and thrush could be signs of aspergillosis in chickens or another fungal infection.

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What Does a Chicken Coop Need in Case of Emergency
September 29, 2022 · · Coops

What does a chicken coop need in case of emergency? Learn what you need to have on hand to be prepared for the unknown.

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What to Feed Chickens Naturally

Learn the best vitamin mineral supplements for chickens and what to feed chickens naturally to boost immunity.

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Grit for Chickens: When in Doubt, Put it Out

Keep oyster shells and grit for chickens available free choice to provide vital nutritional supplements for egg layers.

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Preparing Poultry for Winter
September 9, 2022 · · Coops

With winter approaching we need to prepare our poultry for the extra cold and damp weather, the early dark nights, and all the other dark sides to winter weather.

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Keeping Turkeys Healthy in Winter

Turkeys are remarkably hardy birds. By the time turkeys reach maturity, they are very easy to care for, and are capable of surviving winter weather in great shape.

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The Toulouse Goose

When you envision a goose, chances are that the image that appears in your head is the familiar gray shape of a Toulouse.

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Breed Profile: Easter Egger Chicken

Easter Egger chickens are not a true breed, rather a hybrid cross. since they are a hybrid, no two birds look exactly the same, making for a rainbow of colors in a backyard flock.

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Breed Profile: Delaware Chicken

The Delaware chicken is a 20th-century creation, developed specifically for the growing broiler market in the 1940s. They’re so pretty, they were recognized by the APA for exhibition (in 1952), in those years when production was as significant as beauty.

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