My Inexpensive, Low-Energy, Automatic Chicken Water Heater
October 1, 2019 · · Coops

With winter looming, I needed an inexpensive, worry-free way to keep my chickens’ water from freezing. Inspiration was hatched at the thrift store by a used curling iron that consumes only 13 watts of power.

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Goose Shelter Options
September 29, 2019 · · Coops, Members Only

Though it would be ideal to create a home where they can seek respite from wind and rain if they so choose, the real priority is to keep the birds safe from falling prey to predatory animals.

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What Does a Chicken Coop Need for Fall?
September 26, 2019 · · Coops

Fall is the perfect time to answer the question: What does a chicken coop need for the cold weather? Now is the time to start preparations before the weather turns bad. …

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How to Make a Chicken Swing
September 23, 2019 · · Coops

Do you need to know how to make a chicken swing for your flock? They have a large run, a substantial and well-built coop, and plenty to eat.

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A Few Dos And Don’ts When Winter Sets
September 19, 2019 · · Coops

By Don Schrider, West Virginia Before I go too far, let’s take a look at how nature has prepared our feathered friends to survive and basic poultry behavior. Feathers are designed to …

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7 Reasons to Hang Chicken Nesting Box Curtains
September 13, 2019 · · Coops

Nesting box curtains have been around for a very long time. Farmers would hang burlap or feed bags over the front of their hens’ boxes; present-day backyard chicken keepers often …

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50+ Surprising Chicken Nesting Box Ideas
September 9, 2019 · · Coops

New flock owners are always on the hunt for creative chicken nesting box ideas, so we asked our Backyard Poultry readers to share their suggestions, pictures, and advice! Take a look …

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Reusing Chicken Coop Trash for a More Self-Sustaining Living
September 6, 2019 · · Coops

Self-sustaining living on our farm means I try to reduce the amount of waste that the farm sends to the landfill. It’s not always easy and I try to think …

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Chicken Nesting Box Herbs
September 4, 2019 · · Coops, Members Only

Living on a farm was Diana’s dream, and chickens became a part of that reality. She soon discovered that chicken nesting box herbs helped her birds to relax and settle.

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Songbird Netting on My Chicken Run Was a Mistake!

I enjoy listening to songbirds chirp their chorus while I pretend like I’m a Disney princess, but when their thievery puts a dent in my wallet, then I get angry.

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