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Gut Health Is for the Birds
May 27, 2023 · · Feed & Health

Gut health is key for overall poultry and waterfowl health. Prebiotics and probiotics help.

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Ask Our Experts
May 23, 2023 · · Ask The Expert

Answers from our Experts on puppies and poop, vent gleet, waterglassing and more…

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Environmentally Friendly Chicken Keeping
April 4, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Smart gardening, material reuse, and other easy tricks incorporate your flock into an environmentally friendly approach to animal husbandry.

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March 9, 2023 · · Coops

Build a chicken coop for your flock size and environment. Use inexpensive, secondhand, or scavenged materials materials

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Why Golden Comets?
March 9, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Golden comet hens are prolific egg producers, good mothers, and flock additions.

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The Three Strikes Rule for Bad Boys
March 9, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Aggressive roosters can harm hens, hurt humans and other animals. When do you choose to butcher?

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Designer Eggs: Not a Couture Egg Suit
February 21, 2023 · · Eggs & Meat

When I hear “designer eggs,” I picture runway models rolling around in couture egg suits. But that’s not quite what designer eggs are.

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The Mystery of Century Eggs
February 14, 2023 · · Eggs & Meat

Add to Favorites Story by Patrice Lewis EGGS ARE NOTHING IF NOT versatile, embellishing meals for appreciative diners the world over. What happens when your hens lay more eggs that …

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Ataxia, Disequilibrium, and Neural Disorders in Waterfowl
February 6, 2023 · · Ducks, Geese

Waterfowl are resilient but need treatment for ataxia and disequilibrium caused by botulism, algal poisoning, and anatipestifer infections.

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Breed Profile: Shamo Chicken
January 27, 2023 · · Chickens 101

Part of our Breed Profile series, the Shamo Chicken is also known as a “gamefowl.”

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