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Chicken Nesting Box Herbs
September 4, 2019 · · Coops,Members Only

Living on a farm was Diana’s dream, and chickens became a part of that reality. She soon discovered that chicken nesting box herbs helped her birds to relax and settle.

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Poultry Guide Collection
September 3, 2019 · · Members Only

Need some support with your flock? Take a look in one of our helpful poultry guides!

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Songbird Netting on My Chicken Run Was a Mistake!

I enjoy listening to songbirds chirp their chorus while I pretend like I’m a Disney princess, but when their thievery puts a dent in my wallet, then I get angry.

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Chicken Society—Are Chickens Social Animals?

Are chickens social animals? How do they integrate into the chicken community? Learn about the rules, tricks, and sophistication of chicken society.

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Host Your Own Tour de Coop
August 4, 2019 · · Coops,Members Only

Whether it is through blogs, magazines, or our Facebook group Backyard Poultry Chat, fanciers helping fanciers is awesome. One way of meeting local chicken coop connoisseurs is by starting or partaking in a Tour de Coop.

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Backyard Chickens and Alaska Predators

Every state has its own special chicken-keeping challenges — and Alaska is certainly no exception. From bears to eagles, everyone loves the taste of chicken.

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Secret Life of Poultry: Fighting the Bite

Mosquitos suck. That’s their whole deal. But what does this have to do with chickens?

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Ask the Expert — August/September 2019

Ask our poultry experts about your flock’s health, feed, production, housing and more! Please note that although our team has dozens of years of experience, we are not licensed veterinarians. For serious life and death matters, we advise you to consult with your local veterinarian.

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