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Baby Chick Health Basics: What You Need to Know

Add to Favorites ‘Tis the season! And, no it’s not a national holiday like Christmas, but it might as well be. It’s chick season! Those adorable balls of fluff are …

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How a Broody Hen Hatches Chicks

Modern breeding has pretty much eliminated broodiness in most large fowl breeds, although there still may be one or two within a flock that have retained those mothering instincts.

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How to Dispose of Dead Chickens and Other Poultry
April 29, 2020 · · Feed & Health

We’ve had our share of illnesses and deaths. The carnage left behind a decision regarding disposal. It’s not as simple as burying them. There are major factors to consider.

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Chickens and Compost: A Match Made in Heaven
April 26, 2020 · · Feed & Health

While compost piles are not a critical element for healthy hens, it is certainly a match made in heaven. It’s not just the extra protein the birds get from their foraging.

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Chicken Wound Care
April 24, 2020 · · Feed & Health

If you have chickens, sooner or later one will need you to care for a wound. Be prepared for chicken wound care with the supplies and knowledge of what to do.

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All Cooped Up: Fowlpox
April 23, 2020 · · Feed & Health

Fowlpox is an old viral poultry disease that frequently affects backyard flocks. It is found worldwide and was first described as early as the 17th century. It is most commonly seen in chickens and turkeys, but almost every bird species can become infected including wild birds and indoor birds like canaries.

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Ask the Expert June/July 2020

Ask our poultry experts about your flock’s health, feed, production, housing and more! Please note that although our team has dozens of years of experience, we are not licensed veterinarians. For serious life and death matters, we advise you to consult with your local veterinarian.

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How to Keep Your Hens Happy
April 19, 2020 · · Feed & Health

Keeping your hens happy is easy once you know what motivates their behavior. Nearly all of a chicken’s activities are motivated by three basic needs: to get enough to eat, to avoid being eaten, and to make more chickens.

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Feeding Backyard Chickens: 5 Mistakes to Avoid
April 18, 2020 · · Feed & Health

Nutritional deficiencies are a relatively rare problem for a flock of backyard chickens, ducks or other poultry. Of greater nutritional concern are the following five easily avoidable mistakes commonly made in feeding poultry.

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Do You Need Toys for Chickens?

Professionals agree chickens need enrichment. Keeping your flock healthy, either for egg or meat production or companionship, is most likely your primary goal. Maintaining healthy chickens is a process that includes many facets, including environmental, social and physical aspects.

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