Chickens 101

Part Four: The Skeletal System

Add to Favorites Our bird models, Hank and Henrietta, reunite in this article on the skeletal system of the chicken. Both the male and female chickens are highly adapted for …

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Breed Profile: Icelandic Chicken
May 22, 2022 · · Chickens 101

Icelandic chickens (Icies) are an ancient landrace and are very diverse, robustly healthy, cold-hardy chickens. Sadly, they are threatened by diminished numbers during the 1970s and the consequent inbreeding.

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Buckeye Chickens: An All-American Breed

No chicken breed is perfect, but many Buckeye chicken breeders figure they have come close enough with their breed. Breeders extol the virtues of vigor, resilience and disease resistance in a brown egg layer that grows to a solid size.

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A Rooster’s Reproduction System

In the previous article I discussed the reproductive system of our hen, Henrietta. As we continue our discussion of chicken reproduction I would like to introduce you to Hank, short for Henry.

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The Digestive System

Add to Favorites The digestive system of a chicken has some similarities and some distinct differences to the human digestive system. In this article, we will explore this marvelous system, …

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Part Two: A Hen’s Reproductive System

Add to Favorites By Thomas L. Fuller, New York Have you ever been asked, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When I was teaching reproduction in junior high science, I would fall …

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Hungarian Yellow Chickens
May 17, 2022 · · Chickens 101

Hungarian Yellows: a beautiful landrace heritage breed and national treasure of Hungary.

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Rooster vs. Hen: Know Before They Crow
May 5, 2022 · · Chickens 101

How do you tell apart a baby rooster vs baby hen? Several methods can determine rooster vs hen traits (including some which are breed-specific).

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Cockerel and Pullet Chickens: 3 Tips for Raising These Teenagers
April 29, 2022 · · Chickens 101

Add to Favorites Do you remember the glory days of seventh grade? For many people, they were filled with braces, high-water pants, and new experiences. Our teenage years are pivotal, …

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10 Common Mistakes New Poultry Owners Make With Chicks
April 25, 2022 · · Chickens 101

Most of the mistakes people make when starting out with baby chicks can easily be avoided with a little advanced preparation. Here are 10 typical errors and how to avoid them.

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