Chickens 101

5 Farm Fresh Egg Benefits
September 21, 2020 · · Chickens 101

Eggs are one of nature’s most perfect protein sources. That’s why the average American eats more than 260 eggs each year.
How can we take this essential food to the next level?

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How to Stop Chickens From Pecking Each Other’s Feathers Out … and Other Chicken Behavior Problems
September 10, 2020 · · Chickens 101

Chicken behavior problems, such as chickens pecking each other’s feathers out, are best resolved through prevention, by providing an enriched environment and a harmonious flock. For more details, read on!

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Poultry Science at UMass

My name is Morgane Golan and I am the head teaching assistant for the Poultry Management course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Poultry Management is one of the two-credit, two-part management classes offered by the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department.

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Raising Sicilian Buttercups in America

My love for raising chickens didn’t begin with the Modern Games and the Black Sumatras my two boys raised in 4-H here in San Luis Obispo, California. But they got me started.

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How to Breed Chickens for Show and Fun
September 1, 2020 · · Chickens 101

How do you breed chickens? Chickens will do that all on their own, but for those of us who want a little creative control over the process, there are more technicalities to consider.

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Breed Profile: Barnevelder Chicken
August 31, 2020 · · Chickens 101

Barnevelder chickens were developed from Dutch landrace and Asiatic chickens for their large brown eggs. Later they were standardized to double-laced plumage. They make charming backyard foragers.

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Darla Hatches a Job

Kurt was a 21-year-old autistic young man who was transitioning from high school to working at the rehab center for disabled adults, where I was a job coach. We needed to figure out what kind of work Kurt could do.

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Secret Life of Poultry: Tiny the Attack Hen
August 26, 2020 · · Chickens 101

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the feistiest little chicken of them all? I have my bets placed on Tiny the Terrorist, a Sumatra/Ameraucana mix hen who lives in Georgia with her owner, Cynthia.

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Chicken Therapy for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Recent empirical research shows that they can be a blessing for some children and adults who live with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and other problems where communication, social skills, and learning can become a challenge.

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Roosty the Rooster

I consistently avoided roosters for a long period of time. There never was, nor would there ever be, a need for them … or so I thought.

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