Chickens 101

Chickens as Pets: 5 Kid-Friendly Chicken Breeds
March 21, 2021 · · Chickens 101, Kids' Corner

Raising a flock of backyard chickens as pets with “benefits” is a fun, fulfilling activity that the whole family can get involved in. Kids love to help collect eggs, refill feeders and waterers, and watch the chickens chase bugs in the yard.

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How To Tell the Sex of Baby Chicks

Whether at the feed store choosing day-old chicks or hatching our own, all of us would probably enjoy knowing how to tell the sex of baby chicks to determine which are cockerels and which are pullets as soon as possible. Over the past 100 years there have been many methods developed for how to tell the sex of baby chicks; some methods proved haphazard, some have proven quite effective.

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Rookie Chicken Mistakes
March 18, 2021 · · Chickens 101

A lot of new chicken owners are learning as they go. How can you do best by your new feathered friends? Avoid these rookie chicken mistakes,

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Reinventing the Chicken Coop: Designer Chicken Coops Made Easy

Add to Favorites Contemporary design meets backyard chicken rearing! Matthew Wolpe and Kevin McElroy give you 14 complete (and utterly innovative) building plans for chicken runs and coops — ranging …

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Chicken Myths, Busted

Add to Favorites By Robert Pekel, Arkansas The demand for fresh, nourishing food free of chemicals is accelerating. Small backyard chicken flocks are a clean, healthy source of eggs and …

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Understanding Sex-Link Hybrid Chickens

At Backyard Poultry we get questions all the time asking for help identifying the breed of various chickens. Many times the chickens pictured are not purebred chickens at all but crossbreeds / hybrid chickens hatcheries produce for very specific purposes – such as egg production.

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The Chicken Encyclopedia: Your A-Z Guide for Facts about Chickens
March 15, 2021 · · Book Reviews, Chickens 101

Add to Favorites Celebrated poultry author Gail Damerow is giving the poultry world something to cheer about with her new (and indispensable) encyclopedic resource book: The Chicken Encyclopedia. Beginners and …

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The First Two Weeks of a Chicken’s Life

Add to Favorites By Romie Holl, Wisconsin I have wanted chickens for a while now for the eggs and meat. They provide the added benefit of eating bugs and ticks …

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Disabled and Keeping Chickens

While keeping chickens is not intense physical work, there are definite aspects that can require some re-thinking if you have a disability.

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How Much Do Chickens Cost?
March 11, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Everyone is looking for a bargain, and raising chickens for eggs is the second rung on the homesteading ladder. The first is growing your own veggies.

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