Poultry 101

Duck Breeds for Eggs and Meat

Curious about keeping ducks? Read this guide to the duck breeds available, from those primarily for laying or meat to dual-purpose breeds.

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Raising Goslings
March 27, 2023 · · Geese, Poultry 101

Have you ever tried raising goslings? Get tips on hatching goslings with a mother goose or an incubator, and how to foster orphaned goslings.

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Breed Profile: Magpie Duck
March 9, 2023 · · Poultry 101

The Magpie duck has a distinctive, if variable, pied coloring that is hard to perfect. Nevertheless, they make excellent foragers and homestead companions, and are hardy, multi-purpose and lay large eggs.

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Raising Heritage Turkey Breeds

Heritage turkey breeds recover from severe population decline after commercial broad-breasted birds monopolize market.

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Goose Egg Recipe Ideas

Not only can you eat goose eggs, but once you try some of these goose egg recipe ideas you’ll always want to keep these eggs on hand!

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Getting the Most from Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are delightfully versatile in cooking and baking, and a charming addition to any meal.

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Incubating Quail Eggs
February 20, 2023 · · Quail

Incubating and hatching Japanese coturnix quail is rewarding for your family. Buying the right incubator is crucial.

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Harvesting, Processing, and Cooking Wild Turkey

Few things are tastier than wild turkey. Jenny Underwood explains how to get that wild turkey from the wild to the plate – plus recipes!

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The Guinea Skinny: History, Habitat, and Habits

African bred guineafowl, Galliformes Numididae, are now found worldwide. From vulturine to white-breasted plumed birds weather diverse climates.

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Ataxia, Disequilibrium, and Neural Disorders in Waterfowl
February 6, 2023 · · Ducks, Geese

Waterfowl are resilient but need treatment for ataxia and disequilibrium caused by botulism, algal poisoning, and anatipestifer infections.

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