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Susie Kearley

Susie Kearley is a British freelance writer and journalist, working for magazines, newspapers, and book publishers in the UK, USA and around the world. She covers a wide range of subjects including wild animals and pets, healthcare, gardening, and travel. Her debut novel was published in 2021, an apocalyptic thriller about a fungal pandemic - it was a work in progress for many years before covid struck. She also has a collection of other books on WWII, freelance writing, and travel, available here: http://Author.to/SusieKearley
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Articles by Susie Kearley

Kenyan Crested Guinea Fowl
January 10, 2022 · · Poultry 101

Cotswold Wildlife Park is nestled in a quiet part of the English countryside, is home to a wide range of animals from rhinos to giraffes, to exotic birds. Today we’re meeting Chris Green, one of the bird keepers, who takes us to meet their “naughty guinea fowl.”

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Meet the Prehistoric Chickens at Barnacre Alpacas
November 18, 2021 · · Chickens 101

The Golden Brahma hens are a favourite with visitors too. They look like prehistoric birds, with fluffy feet.

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Writing With Chickens
November 18, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Novelist Della Galton lives in Dorset, England, with her partner, Gordon, a flock of chickens, and three dogs. She enjoys baking carrot cake with her hens’ eggs, and routinely forgets to include the carrots, usually finding them on the kitchen worktop an hour later.

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The Big Red Rooster Rescue
October 1, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Helen Cooper, who owns the sanctuary, was disappointed to see a considerable surge in abandoned roosters during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s been trying to help those cockerels, some dumped in towns and villages and left to fend for themselves.

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Chicken Nesting Box Herbs
August 31, 2021 · · Coops, Members Only

Living on a farm was Diana’s dream, and chickens became a part of that reality. She soon discovered that chicken nesting box herbs helped her birds to relax and settle.

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The Chickens That Help Raise Money for Charities
August 27, 2021 · · Chickens 101

“We’ve kept chickens for years and had Rhode Island reds, leghorns and all sorts, at various times,” she says. “This time it was all about the eggs, so we went for the best layers. They lay all through the winter and summer alike!”

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Marlow Chicken Hotel, England
July 23, 2021 · · Coops

“There’s a chicken hotel in Marlow?” I said to a friend who was telling me about her chickens’ holiday arrangements. I felt compelled to investigate, so I went to visit this “hotel” in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England, and met Rachel Misra, the owner of Marlow Poultry, who also breeds and sells chickens, coops, and supplies free-range eggs.

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Cluck and Collect
April 14, 2021 · · Chickens 101

In July, the Trust introduced a ‘Cluck and Collect’ system, created for safe, socially-distanced rehoming during the pandemic.

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How Covid-19 has Affected Chicken Keepers in the UK
December 29, 2020 · · Chickens 101

Coronavirus lockdowns created a surge in demand for chickens in Britain last year. People were panic buying and supermarkets were struggling to keep up with demand.

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Artist Barbara Shaw makes Beautiful Poultry Portraits
October 24, 2020 · · Poultry 101

“With his beautiful plumage and feathery feet and trousers, Cheetah is a very handsome cockerel and lends himself to being interpreted in textiles”

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