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Susie Kearley

Susie Kearley is a British freelance writer and journalist, working for magazines, newspapers, and book publishers in the UK, USA and around the world. She covers a wide range of subjects including wild animals and pets, healthcare, gardening, and travel. Her debut novel was published in 2021, an apocalyptic thriller about a fungal pandemic - it was a work in progress for many years before covid struck. She also has a collection of other books on WWII, freelance writing, and travel, available here: http://Author.to/SusieKearley
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Articles by Susie Kearley

Chicken Nesting Box Herbs
September 4, 2019 · · Coops, Members Only

Living on a farm was Diana’s dream, and chickens became a part of that reality. She soon discovered that chicken nesting box herbs helped her birds to relax and settle.

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Jokhu and Chicken Clicker Training
June 2, 2019 · · Chickens 101

Training chickens is easier than you might think. Some hens have a natural aptitude for learning and a longer attention span than others, making them good learners.

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