Exotic Pheasants at Waddesdon Manor

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Waddesdon Manor is a grand country house with gardens in Buckinghamshire, England. It was built in the style of a French château and is open to the public with ornate Victorian aviaries — the only historic aviaries still being used in Britain.   Waddesdon Manor. Photo by John Bigelow Taylor. ©National Trust Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild commissioned the construction of the manor house and landscaped gardens. He had a keen interest in birds and the natural world. He kept flamingos, parrots, African cranes, ibises, and exotic pheasants. Some of the smaller birds from his collection are still present in the aviaries at Waddesdon today. Ferdinand’s sister, Alice, would go to feed the birds twice a day and they’d fly to her with great enthusiasm. The birds had a floor layer of sand or gravel, with trees and perches to sit on, as they do today. They have inner chambers

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