Ask the Expert — June/July 2015

You Ask Expert Poultry Questions, We Give Expert Poultry Answers

Ask the Expert — June/July 2015
Add to Favorites A Feed And Diet Question Thanks for a great magazine. Yes, I am new to you folks there! I have found a lot of great info and replies to many questions I have had. In your magazine’s February/March issue, I came across a feed mix suggested by Lisa Steele on page 43. I am very interested in trying it out on my chickens. I have been raising chickens and goats outside of Philly for five years. My three questions are as follows: 1) My chickens get in and around my goats and eat their goat feed and sweet feed, any problems with this? They are all great layers and are quick and active all the time! 2) I feed extra corn (cracked) during winter season, as I understand it helps to produce body heat in the chickens (and other animals) during the winter. 3) Feeding layer pellets or crumbles, all the time, doesn’t burn out the chicken for laying eggs does it? Reason why I

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