Ask the Expert — April/May 2015

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Ask the Expert — April/May 2015
Add to Favorites Starlings And Sparrows I have a few chickens and ducks here in upstate New York. I always let my birds outside during the day no matter what the weather. And during the summer a few starlings and sparrows would fly in and check it out and fly back out. But this winter when the temps went to single digits it seems like these birds are spending more time in there. They hang out during the day and at night when I close them up they hide and spend the night. Now I have poop all over the place and am wondering if this is bad for my girls? I know that closing the door would be the easy solution but then the girls will be shut out.  I just want to know if these other birds are a hazard. — Bonnie Spencer *********************** Hi Bonnie, This is

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