Kenyan Crested Guinea Fowl

Exotic Birds at Cotswold Wildlife Park, England.

Kenyan Crested Guinea Fowl
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Cotswold Wildlife Park is nestled in a quiet part of the English countryside, renowned for its quaint villages and yellow stone cottages. The park is home to a wide range of animals from rhinos to giraffes, to exotic birds. Today we’re meeting Chris Green, one of the bird keepers, who takes us to meet their “naughty guinea fowl.”    Chris steps into an aviary and ushers us in quickly, as a Kenyan crested guinea fowl dances around his feet pecking his Wellington boots. We sidle in and quickly shut the gate. The naughty guinea fowl is a real character with lots of personality. Let’s call him Jimmy.  Jimmy is super-confident around people because he was hand-raised, so he’s not at all concerned about our presence. In fact, he thinks we’re a novelty. He likes to peck everything he sees. This is why he’s been dubbed “the naughty one” by keepers, who

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