The Origins of Chicken Domestication

To Find Red Jungle Fowl, it Took a Little Research and a Trip to Asia

The Origins of Chicken Domestication
Add to Favorites Out of the 9,000 or 10,000 bird species on this planet, have you ever wondered why chickens were chosen to be our source of food, eggs, entertainment, and companionship? There are at least a thousand birds that are of similar size. Through selective breeding, I bet a few dozen of those could have been bred to lay a surplus of eggs for our consumption. Other birds show elaborate territorial displays that our ancestors could have watched with amusement. But it was the now ubiquitous chicken that they choose to domesticate. I have heard of people traveling abroad to solely experience the food — pizza in Italy, beer in Germany, and so forth. Some plan their whole trips based on where, when and what they are going to eat. I, on the other hand, choose my recent trip based on the likelihood of seeing a bird. Yes, a

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