Eggs & Meat

Easter Savory Breakfast Bake

I don’t know about y’all, but when it comes to holidays, I want low stress and enjoyable meals. Easter is no exception.

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Puffed Dutch Baby Pancake is a Springtime Treat
February 25, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

Well, how about this for something different: Dutch baby pancakes. Also known as German pancakes or Dutch puffs, a Dutch baby pancake reminds me of a giant popover. Regardless of the name, this large pancake is just the ticket for a springtime breakfast, brunch or lunch.

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Halal Chicken and Rice
February 25, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

There aren’t a lot of recipes that are extremely involved that I’m willing to cook. But this recipe, also known as Halal-style chicken, is worth the time and effort. Plus, it’s not difficult at all.

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The Emotional Gauntlet of Raising Meat Chickens & Other Livestock
February 22, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

“You’re raising meat chickens? You horrible, heartless human.”
It’s a constant fight, isn’t it? And there are many sides on the battlefield.

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Hatching Duck Eggs: Can Chickens Hatch Ducks?
February 16, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat, Kids' Corner

All of my experience hatching duck eggs led me to ask the question: Will chickens foster eggs from another species and raise them? The answer was, absolutely!

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Hatching Eggs for Sale! Getting Started with Incubation
February 12, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

The incubator method is an option when hatching eggs. Using hatching eggs for sale from a reputable, quality egg seller, is fun for the whole family.

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Hatching Duck Eggs
February 5, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

Hatching duck eggs is an awe-inspiring experience. Since domestic duck breeds rarely go broody (i.e. sit on fertile eggs until they hatch), using an incubator is generally your best bet.

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How to Raise Broiler Chickens
January 22, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

Learning how to raise broiler chickens, for those of us who have had chickens before, is quite easy.

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10 Hilarious Chicken Questions (Like Why Are Some Eggs Brown?)
January 19, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat, Kids' Corner

Chicken egg color is determined by the breed of the hen that laid the egg. Different breeds lay different colored chicken eggs. For instance, the white eggs seen in grocery stores are most likely laid by a White Leghorn.

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Selling Eggs as a Business on the Homestead
January 16, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

There are chickens in the backyard, eggs all over the kitchen, and you might be thinking “maybe it’s time to start selling eggs.”

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