Why Keeping Geese on the Farm is Beneficial

Reasons Why Are Geese Important

Why Keeping Geese on the Farm is Beneficial
Add to Favorites More and more homesteads across the United States are incorporating geese into their backyard flocks. It’s no wonder keeping geese on the farm is a strategy that has been employed for hundreds of years — they offer utility and companionship. A goose, depending on its size and breed, can contribute to the homestead with services such as lawn maintenance and flock guardianship. They can provide a food source by offering their eggs and meat. Their soft down can supply us with warmth. There is a myriad of reasons to raise geese and multiple methods they can earn their keep. The Goose as a Watchdog One of the most common purposes for incorporating geese into your farm’s portfolio is for their natural ability to protect their flockmates, young, and territory. In fact, it was the Roman goose that honked in the dead of night in 365 BC which alerted

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