The African Goose

A Versatile Bird with a Little Bit of Attitude

The African Goose
Add to Favorites Story and Photos By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Maine A flock of African geese make a graceful sight in the barnyard. Their long necks and unique beaks lend elegance to their full, round bodies. Their noisy honking might be a nuisance to some farmers, but even this characteristic can be an asset, replacing the need for guard dogs or alarms. Key Facts These brown beauties are not originally from Africa at all, but more likely from southeastern Asia. African geese are one of the largest breeds of geese, weighing as much as 20 pounds per bird. They are one of two breeds of geese with distinct, bulbous knobs above their bills. These distinct lumps are unique to geese descended from the Asian Swan goose. Often raised for meat because of their large size, they can be loud and aggressive guard birds. Positively, these birds can make excellent weeders, using their

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