The Sebastopol Goose

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The Sebastopol Goose
Add to Favorites Story and Photos by Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Maine Sebastopol geese form a surreal and intriguing spectacle drifting across a pond or foraging around your backyard. With feathers every which-way, the appearance of a Sebastopol is reminiscent of unfolded laundry, and contrary to goose stereotypes, their personalities are most often amiable and sweet. Key Facts The most unique looking breed of goose has to be the distinctive Sebastopol. These striking birds were relatively recent additions to America’s Standard of Perfection for Poultry, and they have become a backyard favorite because of their docile personalities and stunning plumage. Sebastopols are small compared to other goose breeds, with white feathers. The feathers on their bodies curly-queue and corkscrew, often trailing behind them and fluttering in the slightest breeze. Though the exact origins of the Sebastopol are unknown, modern birds are most frequently raised for show or as pets. Appearance Sebastopols weigh

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