The Toulouse Goose

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The Toulouse Goose
Add to Favorites Story and Photos By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Maine When you envision a goose, chances are that the image that appears in your head is the familiar gray shape of a Toulouse. Their unkempt gray feathers cover a full, round body, which has been entertaining and feeding farmers for more than a hundred years. Most likely this breed descended from mixed gray farmyard geese and refined and developed into the bird that brought us the delicacy known as foie gras. Key Facts There are two varieties of the Toulouse goose. The “production” variation, which is easily the most common kind, and the “dewlap” version which is much more unusual and grand in its appearance. Production Toulouse are comparatively slender, with smooth skin under their chins and stately carriage. The production variety is very common, and most backyard geese are production Toulouse or a mix of this breed. The dewlap

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