Cooking with Ostrich, Emu and Rhea Eggs

An Enormous Task

Cooking with Ostrich, Emu and Rhea Eggs
Add to Favorites Photos and Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota Having raised a variety of chickens from bantams to the larger breeds, I am familiar with a range in the size of my eggs and can readily adapt recipes to compensate for extra-small or jumbo-sized eggs. Even so, I was not prepared as I opened the carefully wrapped package of ratite eggs and suddenly felt as if I had tumbled down the rabbit hole and into wonderland. These eggs were ginormous! The eggs were also gorgeously colored, extremely heavy and surprisingly sturdy and solid, which I learned they have to be to withstand up to a 400-pound bird sitting on them! Ratites refer to the family of flightless birds with small wings and flat breastbones. The most commonly known are the ostrich, which is native to South Africa; the emu, proclaimed the national bird of Australia; and the rhea, which

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