Red, White, and Blue Chicken Breeds
July 4, 2019 . · Chickens 101

Happy 4th of July! I have been playing around with my chicken run garden and taking some photos of the chickens enjoying the flowers. The garden is right in front of …

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The Edible Egg: Facts and Facets of World Cuisine
June 27, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

When it comes to eggs, facts are right in front of us: they’re healthy, full of protein, and delicious. They’re also economical and easy to prepare. These factors combine to …

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What Can Chickens Eat Out of the Garden?
June 6, 2019 . · Feed & Health

Recently one of my podcast listeners asked me, what can chickens eat out of the garden? He wrote: “A question that occurred to me recently is regarding garden waste. I recently …

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Ask the Expert — April/May 2019
April 21, 2019 . · Ask The Expert

Tough Winter We’ve had a tough winter here in Central New Hampshire. Lots of snow and ice. The door to my chicken run becomes frozen often and I end up …

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Spring Cleaning From Chicken Coop to Kitchen

By Janice Cole, Minnesota The chickens are always a little frantic as I begin to clean, wondering what’s happening to their little world, but they’re all so happy to be …

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Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants
February 26, 2019 . · Feed & Health

Free radicals happen. They happen to us humans, and they happen to our chickens. They are unstable molecules that damage body cells, impair immunity and contribute to the development of …

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Poultry & Produce—Keeping Your Poultry In Your Garden

By Kenny Coogan, Florida “When we were given five or six adult chickens, we learned that we had to keep the chickens out of the garden area, so we put …

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Fungal Infections Found In Poultry

By Brittany Thompson, Georgia One of my oldest hens and the matriarch of my flock, Chirpy, a 6-year-old Rhode Island Red, was diagnosed with a fungal infection through nose swab testing. …

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An Easy Quiche Recipe For Entertaining or Everyday
February 22, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

Eggs, cheese, and cream are my trio of old faithfuls and are the basic ingredients in my family-pleasing quiche recipe. Quiche may sound fancy but it’s one of the easiest …

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A Golden Find — Goose Egg Recipes

Photos and Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota Goose eggs are precious. It turns out that finding goose eggs can almost be as hard as finding a golden egg. The reason? …

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