Spring Cleaning From Chicken Coop to Kitchen

(And What To Cook When You’re Done)

Spring Cleaning From Chicken Coop to Kitchen
By Janice Cole, Minnesota The chickens are always a little frantic as I begin to clean, wondering what’s happening to their little world, but they’re all so happy to be out in the spring sun with a light breeze blowing that no one complains too much. They follow me around the coop and yard getting in the way as I sweep out the used bedding, rake and cart away the old straw and clean out the nest. Of course, they also try to drink the soapy water as I scrub their drop pans and we all end up a little messy by the end. It would be great if I could spring clean my whole house just by using a rake and a broom as I do the coop, but no such luck. While spring cleaning my entire house is a great goal, it always seems a little too daunting

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