Mastering Omelets

Become A Pro At The Delicate Art of Omelet-Making

Mastering Omelets
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes What’s so difficult about making an omelet you might ask? Actually, you’re right; an omelet is very simple to make but how many great omelets have you actually been served? Sometimes the simplest dishes are the hardest to get right. Too many omelets feature overcooked rubbery eggs with fillings that overpower the taste of the eggs. An omelet should be delicate, tender and creamy with a taste of fresh eggs and fresh butter. It should be plump and golden in color with a filling that complements the eggs. Omelets are enjoyed around the world and each culture seems to have their own take on this universally loved dish. From the French pale, golden, never-browned omelet that’s creamy on the inside, to our American fluffy, browned and tender but firm omelets to open-faced hearty Italian and Spanish omelets and savory Asian and Japanese rolled

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