How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad

What does a bad egg look like?

How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if eggs are bad or not, you’re not alone. The internet is awash with tips, tricks, and partially informed answers that may or may not be correct. Today I hope to clarify a few things. Firstly, let’s define what I’ll be calling a “bad egg.” I’ll then explain the biology behind what makes eggs go bad, How to tell if eggs are good, and finally, we’ll cover the basics of safe egg handling. What Is a “Bad Egg?” For the sake of this article, a “bad egg” is an egg that is inedible or unsafe to eat, such as a rotten egg. Additionally, the FDA and USDA both recommend that all eggs showing cracked shells or visibly dirty shells should be considered a “bad egg,” and we’ll discuss why. All About The Shell Eggshells are a

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