5 Quail Species to Raise
May 11, 2019 · · Poultry 101

When considering quail species to raise; size, egg production, and temperament should lead your decision making. Some species may be kept in coveys, perfect for larger scale productions. Others do …

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Holiday Treat Garlands For Chickens
March 15, 2019 · · Feed & Health

‘Tis the season to string popped corn and cranberries and hang them on the trees outside for a tasty winter treat for the wild birds. While you’re at it, why not …

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Sheet Pan Roast Chicken Recipes
March 13, 2019 · · Eggs & Meat

Whether it’s an oven fried chicken recipe, an old-fashioned chicken pot pie recipe or a Mediterranean style chicken eggplant recipe, roast chicken recipes are becoming staples in our kitchens. Here …

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Identifying and Treating Respiratory Infections In Chickens
February 26, 2019 · · Feed & Health

Respiratory infection in chickens is a serious concern, but many new flock owners tend to jump to conclusions every time a chicken sneezes. Keeping your birds healthy should be something …

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Raising Chickens and Children
February 26, 2019 · · Feed & Health,Kids' Corner

Our motto states that here on Phillips Farm, we are raising free-range chickens, ducks, and little boys. Raising chickens and children have some similarities: both thrive with wholesome natural food, …

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Mastering Omelets
February 22, 2019 · · Eggs & Meat

What’s so difficult about making an omelet you might ask? Actually, you’re right; an omelet is very simple to make but how many great omelets have you actually been served? …

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