Recipes: Bones And Water, The Perfect Elixir

Everyone’s Talking About Bone Broth for Drinks and Stock

Recipes: Bones And Water, The Perfect Elixir
Add to Favorites By Janice Cole, Minnesota Whether you’re a fan of the latest craze, bone broth, or have been making stocks, broths, bouillon and consommé for years and wonder what all the fuss is about, bones are high on the trendy list right now. If you’re interested in the healing and restorative properties of broth, or want to make the best-tasting soups and sauces, or simply want to make sure you don’t waste anything, start stockpiling your bones as we explore the world of bone cookery. PIECE 1: WHAT IS BONE BROTH? Adherents of the current paleo diet started tossing about the term bone broth this past year and it seems that everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon. From celebrities to athletes to fashion models, chefs and restaurants, everyone is raving about bone broth. But what is it? Skeptics say, according to the London Guardian, “It’s just stock with a

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