The Flanders Goose

Or Oie de Flamande

The Flanders Goose
Add to Favorites By Stuart Sutton, United Kingdom The goose is one of the more intelligent breed of bird, having a good memory and found to remember people, animals and environment. Geese also have a highly developed herd instinct. All in all these features help them make particularly good guard animals against predators and intruders. Also, unlike some other fowl, geese do not peck each other and usually live in harmony as a group or with other animals. The Flanders Goose or Oie de Flamande seems descended from an ancient and primitive breed of goose that had existed in Flanders since at least the 16th century. Related to the Goose de Twente of Belgium, the bird was bred for both feathers and meat. In fact it is known farmers used to pluck the animals between one and four times a year for their white feathers leaving the gray feathers to protect the bird against the weather. The Oie de Flamande occupies a prominent place in the Belgian poultry literature,

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