Raising Goslings
March 27, 2023 · · Geese, Poultry 101

Have you ever tried raising goslings? Get tips on hatching goslings with a mother goose or an incubator, and how to foster orphaned goslings.

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Legacy of the Cotton Patch Goose
February 2, 2023 · · Geese

A landrace breed developed in the Southern U.S.

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Geese vs. Ducks (and Other Poultry)
August 23, 2022 · · Poultry 101

Question some people and they may have a more difficult time distinguishing the difference between geese vs. ducks. But all of these birds actually contrast in more ways than in just their aesthetic traits.

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Breed Profile: Pilgrim Geese

Depending on who you ask, Pilgrim geese were either developed during the 30s by Oscar Grow—a well-known waterfowl breeder of his time or in Europe by various breeders.

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