Ask the Expert — February/March 2017

You Ask Expert Poultry Questions, We Give Expert Poultry Answers

Add to Favorites Shade for Chickens? I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. My mother-in-law gets it, gives it to me, and I pass it on to another friend who has chickens. We all enjoy it. I’m enclosing some pictures. My husband built me a new chicken house this summer and we got busy haying and didn’t get a shade put on the outside pen. I put up an old card table over the little door to the pen. They have really enjoyed it. They sit on it and I always tell them to “deal me in” when I go out there, or I ask, “Who’s winning?” Anyway, I would like some ideas on a portable shade, one I could put up in the summer but take down in the winter. Any ideas? — Susan Sanderson, Nebraska ************** Hi Susan, It’s great that you’re thinking

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