How to Recognize & Prevent Muscle Diseases in Poultry

Cornish Crosses and Breast Myopathies

How to Recognize & Prevent Muscle Diseases in Poultry
Add to Favorites Three conditions found in the breast meat of industrially grown Cornish cross broilers are of major concern to the poultry industry, but also can be disconcerting for anyone who raises heavy-breasted broilers for the family table. These myopathies, or muscle diseases, are known respectively as green muscle, white striping and wooden breast. None of the three conditions is evident until a broiler is slaughtered and its breast meat examined. Green muscle is nothing new, being first recognized in 1975, but white striping and wooden breast weren’t identified until around 2012 and didn’t grab major media attention until last spring. All three conditions are associated with industrial broiler strains bred for excessively large breast muscles, which can be as much as 25 percent of a bird’s total body weight. Even if you choose to raise an industrial broiler strain for homegrown meat, these breast myopathies may be avoided

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