Can Genes Control Poultry Diseases?

The Search for Genetically-Linked Disease Control

Can Genes Control  Poultry Diseases?
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger, Minnesota My grandmother, born in 1893, was one of eight siblings raised on a diversified family farm in the township  of Tevis, Kansas, just outside of Topeka. As I grew up, she used to tell me many humorous stories of her childhood days, and the antics that only siblings raised in the vast stretches of Kansas farmland could have concocted and taken part in. Even though they lived on a farm quite far from town, they were fairly modern for the time. They had a telephone at home, when very few people had such a luxury. They were also a devoutly religious family who believed in health reform. Being modern and up to date, they had one modern medical contrivance that was so necessary for the health and well being of the entire family: the enema can. On the farm was an old tom

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