The Forest Duck

The Story Behind The Mysterious Breed

The Forest Duck
Add to Favorites By Stuart Sutton, United Kingdom For me the name “Forest duck” has always conjured up an image of an unusual, perhaps even mystical type of beast from long, long ago; however, in reality, I am afraid, like a lot of things in life, it is not so enigmatic, although it is still a captivating breed. In fact, it’s name is pretty mundane and has nothing whatsoever to do with woods, woodland, boscage or la foret! Let me explain. The story of this breed started around 1890 when a Mr. Herman Bertrand from Vorst nearby Brussels in Belgium decided to create a blue duck that would combine both a good laying capacity and fine meat quality. He originally named his creation after himself and gave it the Latin name Anas bertrandi, meaning, “Bertrand’s duck.” However, this duck was renamed later after the community he lived, Vorst (Forest in French), et voila! In 1905, the breed was launched with a collection of 30 blue ducks at an international exhibition in the

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