Importance of Incubator Temperature and Humidity for Chicken Eggs

Learn how to hatch a chicken egg at home, the importance of incubator temperature and humidity for chicken eggs, and when to move to the brooder.

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Making a Guinea Incubator from Scratch

Craft your own guinea incubator and learn how to troubleshoot their hatching.

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A Reference Guide for Incubation

Check out this handy reference guide to terms related to incubation and hatching, as well as incubation times for different poultry.

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Incubation 101: Hatching Eggs is Fun and Easy
December 19, 2022 · · Chickens 101, Eggs & Meat

If you’re considering hatching your own flock of backyard chickens here’s a few things you need to know for hatching eggs successfully in an incubator.
For embryos to develop correctly, eggs need to be kept at the right temperature, turned often and correctly positioned.

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Button Quail: Adorable By Any Name
September 8, 2022 · · Poultry 101

Button quail, which are also known as Chinese painted quail, Chung-Chi, Asian blue quail or blue- breasted quail, are well, cute as a button! The smallest of the true quail, this species is endemic to Southeast Asia and Australia.

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Raising Chicken Eggs for Hatching

Raising chicken eggs for hatching and incubating chicken eggs is something many of us do every year. Some of us set eggs for our own use at home and are not overly concerned about hatching rates.

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The Long Line of Brown Leghorns

When we first get into poultry, discovering all these breeds is a great pleasure. For many of us, that joy turns into the effort of trying to pick the right breed for our homestead or to serve the purposes we have in mind.

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How to Expand Your Flock with the Best Broody Hens

There are a couple of different ways you can expand your flock, but my go-to is using the best broody hens in my flock.

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Weird Things Found In Eggs
March 10, 2022 · · Eggs & Meat

It’s one thing to find oddly-shaped eggs, but what about weird things found in eggs? From parasites to foreign objects, strange things can find their way in

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Sick Chicks: 7 Common Illnesses You May Encounter
January 19, 2022 · · Feed & Health

You should be aware of these common chick illnesses. While these illnesses can be scary, most can be prevented by keeping your brooder and coop clean.

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