Raising Chicken Eggs for Hatching

A Few Simple Guidelines for Producing Hatchable Eggs, Including Hatching Eggs for Sale

Raising Chicken Eggs for Hatching
Add to Favorites Raising chicken eggs for hatching and incubating chicken eggs is something many of us do every year. Some of us set eggs for our own use at home and are not overly concerned about hatching rates. We choose eggs from our favorite hens, including those that are several years old. Our “studs” might be pet roosters who, as my grandmother used to say, are “old enough to vote.” If we set 30 eggs in the summer and get six replacement pullets for our flock, we don’t mind. Six new pullets are plenty for home use, and we are happy. Such a haphazard system, however, is a sure recipe for failure if you are raising hatching eggs for sale or are trying to produce large numbers of hatchable eggs for your own use or business. Producing high-quality hatching eggs is similar to raising quality eggs for eating, but

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