Bringing New Chicks Home

Bringing home a new, peeping box with fluffy chicks can be scary, but Elizabeth Mack has advice to help you.

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Caring for Chicks

If you are new to the chicken game, fear not. Here’s the ins and outs of caring for your new chicks from the basics to housing to illness.

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Safely Ship Day Old Chicks

Expand your market by learning how to carefully and effectively mail day-old live chicks throughout the United States.

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Emus: Alternative Agriculture

Today in the U.S., emus are a popular choice for alternative agriculture due to their minimal husbandry needs, small acreage capability, appealing characteristics and potential for becoming profitable.

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What Does a Chicken Coop Need in Case of Emergency
September 29, 2022 · · Coops

What does a chicken coop need in case of emergency? Learn what you need to have on hand to be prepared for the unknown.

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You Don’t Need a Rooster Rescue, Set Up a Bachelor Pad Instead
August 1, 2022 · · Coops

Finding a rooster rescue can be difficult, especially during the spring when extra, unwanted roosters start to appear as for sale or free.

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Raising Chicken Eggs for Hatching

Raising chicken eggs for hatching and incubating chicken eggs is something many of us do every year. Some of us set eggs for our own use at home and are not overly concerned about hatching rates.

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Raising Turkey Poults in a Healthy Brooder Environment
July 22, 2022 · · Poultry 101

Raising poults is not the same as raising chicks or ducklings. They are much more delicate than other poultry species. Here are a few tips and tricks for successfully raising poults to maturity.

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Baby Chick Health Basics: What You Need to Know
July 21, 2022 · · Feed & Health

‘Tis the season! And, no it’s not a national holiday like Christmas, but it might as well be. It’s chick season!

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What Medicated Chick Feed Is All About
April 14, 2022 · · Feed & Health

Learn how to control Coccidiosis in chickens with medicated chick feed (or medicated chick starter), one solution to a longstanding chick-rearing problem called Coccidiosis.

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