Button Quail: Adorable By Any Name

An Introduction To The Extraordinary And Worldly Button Quail Breed

Button Quail: Adorable By Any Name
Add to Favorites Button quail, which are also known as Chinese painted quail, Chung-Chi, Asian blue quail or blue- breasted quail, are well, cute as a button! The smallest of the true quail, this species is endemic to Southeast Asia and Australia. This species of quail is raised primarily for enjoyment as an aviary or pet bird. Due to its very small size, this species of quail would not be a suitable choice for the production of eggs or meat. There are other larger types of quail that are more popular as culinary birds, although their eggs are healthy and edible. Due to its size and care requirements button quail have been an endearing species to aviculturist and poultry keepers for countless generations. Garrie Landry, from Franklin, Louisiana, has been raising poultry and cage birds since 1966. At the age of 15, he began keeping and breeding birds and today

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