Hatching Eggs for Sale! Getting Started with Incubation

How-to for the complete waterfowl, quail, and chicken egg hatching process

Hatching Eggs for Sale! Getting Started with Incubation
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Hatching eggs is a great way to add to your homestead flock. There are three ways to get chicks for your flock. The first is to keep a rooster and a few hens. The eggs from those hens will be fertile from the expected mating. Add a broody hen and 21 days later you have new chicks. Not every chicken keeper can or wants to have a rooster on the property though. In that case, you still have options in addition to purchasing new chicks. First, you can buy hatching eggs for sale and place them under a broody hen. Make sure she has a clean nest, available food and water and she will take care of the rest for you. The incubator method is the other option when hatching eggs. Using hatching eggs for sale from a reputable, quality egg seller, is

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