Ordering Hatching Eggs: Chickens First Class!

How to buy chicken eggs to hatch, when you live miles away from the breeders.

Ordering Hatching Eggs: Chickens First Class!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes “If you get filthy eggs from a breeder, don’t ever buy from them again.”  Sunny Miller-O’Connor offers plenty of tips for ordering hatching eggs: chickens, quail, or any other poultry. She has been incubating mail-order hatching eggs for years.   “But don’t wash the eggs when you get them.” She warns that, if you want to remove dirt, knock it off with a butter knife or sandpaper so you don’t ruin the bloom. “If you do have a few eggs that are really dirty, do not put them in your incubator. You can ruin your whole hatch that way.”  From French Black Copper Marans chickens to quail and ducks, Sunny has set thousands of eggs. Many come from breeders near her in California, but for some of the best stock, she finds breeders online.   “All over the place, really,” she says. From eBay, Craigslist,

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