Setting The Poultry Standards

The American Poultry Association Is Now Certifying “Standard” Chickens Like They Did 50 Years Ago

Setting The Poultry Standards
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes By Christine Heinrichs, California With increased interest in heritage breeds in poultry, the American Poultry Association is stepping up to promote standard breeds with its new Flock Inspection Program that will certify consumer chickens with the APA’s imprimatur. “We have come to grips with how we will inspect for market quality and how the flock matches the Standard,” said Dave Anderson, APA president. Not every chicken with a “Standard” classification will make a good, productive member of the flock. Hatchery stock may have unacceptable defects. Birds bred for exhibition may have lost their productivity. Chickens are more than pretty feathers. “They need to have good muscle development, fertility and egg production,” said Frank Reese, owner of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas. “This program should help people improve quality and production of these birds.” In the past, the APA inspected flocks, but abandoned that responsibility 50 years ago. Commercial poultry farms overwhelmed smaller Standard breed flocks after World War II. The chicken meat business turned to genetically similar industrially

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