Ask the Expert — June/July 2016

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Ask the Expert — June/July 2016
Add to Favorites Sex-Reversal Reversal? I’m so glad I read your article on “Spontaneous Sex Reversal” (December 2014-January 2015, Backyard Poultry). Otherwise, I never would have known what was going on with BeyoncО, my favorite Jersey Giant Hen, then 2-and-a-half years old. After reading the article, we both thought, “That must be freaky,” never expecting to ever see such a thing. About six months after re-homing our rooster (he was too small for our Giant girls to breed effectively, and a Giant rooster was way too big for our smaller girls), Beyonce started mounting other hens and making ungodly sounding attempts at crowing. As winter set, the very embarrassing behavior slowed down. She even sat occasionally in the nesting boxes, for nothing of course, but at least she remembered. So I thought she had changed back. Fast forward to spring 2016. Just the other morning, I heard that ungodly attempt

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