How Do Chickens Mate?
March 15, 2019 · · Feed & Health

Add to Favorites “How do chickens mate?” might be a question you have when you first keep a rooster. And it might seem a bit disturbing at first if you …

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How to Breed Chickens for Show and Fun
March 14, 2019 · · Chickens 101

Add to Favorites How do you breed chickens? Chickens will do that all on their own, but for those of us who want a little creative control over the process, …

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Showing Poultry 101

Add to Favorites Picking show chicken breeds for your first foray into the world of fancy poultry can be as daunting as trying to understand genetics. But with a few …

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Ask the Expert — June/July 2016

Ask our poultry experts about your flock’s health, feed, production, housing and more! Please note that although our team has dozens of years of experience, we are not licensed veterinarians. For serious life and death matters, we advise you to consult with your local veterinarian.

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