Showing Poultry 101

Where to Start When Picking Show Quality Chickens

Showing Poultry 101
Add to Favorites Picking show chicken breeds for your first foray into the world of fancy poultry can be as daunting as trying to understand genetics. But with a few simple pointers, you can be on your way to success. First and foremost, don’t pigeon hole yourself by chasing the ideal breed. Finding good breeding stock can be difficult enough, being overly picky can make the difference between you wanting to get into “the fancy” and actually doing it. I suggest picking a general body type, going to a good-sized poultry show and seeing what piques your interest in the for sale cages. Being flexible is key, especially for your first time out. Easy Keepers Especially for someone just getting into show birds, I highly suggest picking a breed that’s easy to keep and easy to show. There are many breeds out there that are simply a chore to prep

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