Comb-To-Toe Checkup for Chicken Ailments
October 6, 2022 · · Feed & Health

Can you recognize chicken ailments before it’s too late? Performing regular checkups can identify and ward off problems before they become worse.

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Building Your First First Aid Kit for Chicken Injuries

Dealing with an illness or injury is unavoidable when raising any animal. Usually medical help for your sick pet is no further than a car ride away to your lo-cal veterinarian office — this is not true for chickens and other backyard poultry.

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Chicken Reproduction: A Rooster’s System

Learn about the rooster reproductive system and how it contributes to the biology of chicken reproduction.

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Part Two: A Hen’s Reproductive System

Add to Favorites By Thomas L. Fuller, New York Have you ever been asked, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When I was teaching reproduction in junior high science, I would fall …

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When, Why and How to Deworm Chickens

Add to Favorites Most chickens have worms of one sort or another, and an otherwise healthy chicken can tolerate a modest worm load. A heavy worm load, however, can impair …

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9 Lesser-Known Facts About Chickens and Ducks

Do chickens have tonsils? Can chickens get rabies? How do ducks mate? Do questions about these facts about chickens ever keep you up awake at night?

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How Do Chickens Mate?
February 18, 2021 · · Feed & Health

“How do chickens mate?” might be a question you have when you first keep a rooster. And it might seem a bit disturbing at first if you have not witnessed a rooster pursuing an available hen.

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How Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

“I can’t buy your eggs anymore,” was the astonishing announcement made by a college student who had been one of my best customers. I had to know what was going on.

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Ask the Expert — April/May 2019
April 21, 2019 · · Ask The Expert

Add to Favorites Tough Winter We’ve had a tough winter here in Central New Hampshire. Lots of snow and ice. The door to my chicken run becomes frozen often and …

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Finding the Non-Layer in Your Chicken Flock

Add to Favorites By Lana Beckard, Nutrena Poultry Expert It’s not unusual for one or two hens in a small flock to eat their share of feed, relax and rarely …

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