Building Your First First Aid Kit for Chicken Injuries

Repurposing Simple Household Items Can Give You All You Need To Keep Your Flock Healthy

Building Your First First Aid Kit for Chicken Injuries
Add to Favorites By Jen Pitino, Idaho Dealing with an illness or injury is unavoidable when raising any animal. Usually medical help for your sick pet is no further than a car ride away to your lo-cal veterinarian office — this is not true for chickens and other backyard poultry. Despite the exponential growth in backyard chicken keeping, veterinarians who provide medical care for chickens can be scarcer than hen’s teeth to find. Consequent-ly, backyard chicken owners (more than any other common household pet owners) must rely upon their own skills and wherewithal in order to provide medical care to their backyard flocks. As a chicken owner, it only makes sense to prepare before crisis strikes and build your own poultry med kit. A high quality poultry med kit can be assembled without breaking the bank and will serve you well in an emergency. A Place For Everything The first

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