Finding the Non-Layer in Your Chicken Flock

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Finding the Non-Layer in Your Chicken Flock
Add to Favorites By Lana Beckard, Nutrena Poultry Expert It’s not unusual for one or two hens in a small flock to eat their share of feed, relax and rarely lay an egg. Although most flock owners don’t attempt to make money selling eggs, spotting and eliminating freeloaders saves feed dollars and keeps the eggs coming. The trick is figuring out which hens aren’t laying. There are several ways to spot the lazy hen, and backyard flock owners have an advantage. Unlike large laying operations, backyarders normally only keep a few hens and visit the coop regularly. Even better, small flocks are usually composed of several different breeds with varied colored and patterned feathers. That makes it easy to identify specific hens and helps track down a non-layer. How Many Eggs Should a Hen Lay? The number of eggs a hen lays in each week varies greatly depending on the

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