Breakfast of Champion Poultry Layers

Breakfast of Champion Poultry Layers
Add to Favorites Good-quality layer feed is all your chickens really need to eat, but by adding a few supplements to their feed you can provide your flock a healthy boost to their immune systems and improve overall health, both of which can result in increased productivity and better quality eggs. I have been feeding my flock a custom mix that I call the “Breakfast of Champion Layers” for the past several years. I have never had such beautiful looking hens with glossy feathers, bright eyes and rosy combs as I have since I started this feed regiment. I also don’t have issues with soft -shelled eggs or any respiratory or other health problems common to backyard flocks. The supplements will set you back a bit each month, but I strongly believe in preventives, which are ultimately far less costly than a vet visit — if you can even find a vet who will treat your hens. The more you can
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  1. Thank you for the article I enjoyed it. Could you tell me what type and where you get the probiotic and also
    the sea kelp. Also does the DE need to be food grade like for people?
    Thank you again.

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